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Exterior Decorating, how to up your curb appeal...

With the spring approaching, it's time to spend a little time on something different...Exterior Decorating!

We all know that we want our homes to have curb appeal. Curb appeal is usually used when you're considering selling your home, but it can apply to every day as well. How does your home look from the street...does it appeal?

Just like a good home decorating project, looking at your home the same way from the outside can also help.

You can use those same design elements that we've talked about in other posts when applied to your home too.


When you're wanting to up your curb appeal, think of the following areas when it comes to the Exterior of your home....

  • What's your Focal Point- When someone arrives at your home, what are their eyes drawn to? Is it your home or is it a large ugly tree in your front yard? Looking at your space objectively can help you identify what it is. If it's not what you'd like it to be, then you've got an item for your list.
  • Accentuating your Architecture- Chances are good, that if you bought your home, you probably like something about it from an architectural point of view. Is there a way to accentuate those details on the outside of your home?
  • Using a Colour Scheme- The outside of your home deserves a colour scheme too! You have alot of attributes you can use outside your home to bring in a colour scheme: The bricks or siding, the window trim, the soffits/fascia, the eaves troughs, your front door, your porch, and any accessories. Thinking of your outdoor space as a "room" you can coordinate all of the pieces of your home. Try to limit the colours you use to 3 or 4, because otherwise, it won't feel very put together....
  • Build Landscaping- Let us not forget landscaping! What greenery do you have, any plants, planters etc. You can make them work with the colour scheme as well, and add visual interest to the front of your home.
  • Managing your traffic- You have alot of traffic coming into your home, and these are things to consider when thinking about your curb appeal. Is the pathway well lit? Do you have a front porch light? Is the mailbox accessible? Is your recycling/garbage bins as inconspicuous as possible?
  • Maintaining your home- and of course that old pesky home maintenance. Keeping your home looking well maintained is key for curb appeal. Replacing shingles, removing extra junk from the yard, and repainting when things are tired are great ways of keeping your home looking fantastic.

 Here are some extra tips for making the exterior of your home look fantastic:

  • Consider painting your front door a bright colour, it's a great way to be bold, without alot of investment
  • Adding great urns outside of your home can be a great way to pop some colour into the space, and you can change them with the season
  • Great lighting is key to night time curb appeal as well, make sure to review your home in the dark, not just during the day!!


If you'd like help upping your curb appeal, be sure to drop me a line at kim@downtoearthdecor.com.


Picking your greys

We help alot of people pick colours at our store on Roncevalles. Lately, one of the biggest requests is grey. How do you pick grey?  It's a difficult colour to get right, and we can help you!

(Source: Pinterest)

Grey is beautiful, they call it the new black.

It goes with everything, it's a great backdrop to your space, and can be warm and inviting.

It's a great neutral that isn't taupe (and alot of us are very sick of taupe).

(Source: Pinterest) 

But Grey is tough. no doubt about it.

Why you ask? Grey just isn't grey. Sometimes it's a greeny grey, sometimes it's a bluey grey, sometimes it's a browny grey...etc etc.  How can you tell the difference? How can you know if you picked the right one?

When you look at a colour, you can often see another colour underneath it...take a look at these greys...they really are all "grey" by the definition, but they have different colours underneath.

Which colour do you pick? The best bet is to pick one that has the same undertones as some of your furniture, other paint colours, or a complementary colour (Like red & green, or blue & orange etc). This can get confusing, but by comparing greys side by side you can start to see the differences between them.

Alot of times, if a grey isn't working for you, it's because the colour that's underneath isn't working with your room. At that point it's time to sit back and evaluate what colour it should be underneath and pick a grey that will work with it.

Of course I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that if your head starts to swim, and all the colours look the same, time to call in an expert. Drop by our store, and we can give you a hand!